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“Pam Meyer absolutely wows them.”

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“She made a profound impact, inspired our cadets and enriched their experience in a way that cannot be replicated in the classroom.”

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"I want people to have the benefit of all your knowledge"

- Dr. Phil

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History Shows That All Governments and Militaries Can Be Deceived, But There Are Tools to Help

Hamas’ devastating attack on Israel calls into question both intelligence lapses and realities of human nature.

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What to do if you catch your boss in a lie

Read Pamela's succinct advice on handling a deceptive boss in Harvard Business Review.

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Four Ways to Build a Culture of Honesty and Avoid ‘Productivity Paranoia’

A lack of trust between colleagues and managers in remote and hybrid environments can damage workplace culture and morale.

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Pamela's TED Talk is a Worldwide Sensation

Pamela Meyer Ted Talk

Top 15 TED Talk

"How to Spot a Liar"

30,000,000+ views

30+ Translated Languages

“Absolutely fascinating, entertaining, and filled with real world practical value"

- Jon Ellenthal, CEO & Vice Chairman, Walker Innovation

Become a Deception Detection Expert

Spot Lies, Read Emotions, Decipher Body Language like a Pro

The Mayo Clinic says we're living amid an "epidemic of lying"


of adults lie at least once in a 10-minute conversation


of adults lie on their resumes


of adults lie in online dating profiles

Fraud costs businesses an estimated seven percent of revenue every year, with financial losses of up to $150 billion.

Don't Let Anyone Lie to You Again

Businesses and individuals take the lead when they adopt a radical approach to trust. This is especially true now that the era of pervasive deception has arrived: Deepfakes, disinformation, voice phishing, social engineering, synthetic astroturfing and fabricated comment-bots are commonplace. Deception detection is your first step toward navigating our rapidly expanding deception epidemic.

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