Deception Detection and Getting to the Truth

Learn the secret tricks top interrogators and CIA agents use to spot - and stop - liars.

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“This Masterclass is full of actionable, easy-to-use, evidence- based tips and tricks. Pamela’s clear, engaging storytelling makes each module even more interesting than the last. I can’t get enough of this course, and I know it’s going to make a big difference not only in my career, but my relationships, too!”

-Mimi Johnson, ETHOS3

What You Get

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“The workbook is now my bible. I’ve taken many classes and this is the best resource full of bonus tips and techniques I have ever seen!”

-Alexander Daibes, ABRAMS Books

You’ll develop skills elite customers have paid tens of thousands of dollars to learn


  • Lies in someone's story structure
  • Word choices, speech patterns and sentence structures that are red flags
  • Microexpressions, the fleeting cues liars can’t suppress
  • Subtlest shifts in body language


  • The errors liars can't control, and the neuroscience behind them
  • Meaningful abnormalities in common expressions
  • Signals of disdain that virtually always go unnoticed
  • The hidden intentions of introverts and extroverts


  • The 8 types of questions that elicit the truth, and the order to ask them
  • CIA techniques for mapping and observing conversation
  • Using your tone, volume, and speed to expose a liar
  • Rapport techniques to win over and influence even the most difficult people

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Deception Detection and Getting to the Truth

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Who Should Take This Course?

Everyone who takes part in:

an interview | a complicated meeting | a negotiation | a pitch meeting | an interrogation | a cross-examination | a forensic analysis

This course is for anyone who might want to ensure that their friends and family are acting with integrity and being honest with them.
If you value the truth, and want to make sure your friends and colleagues do as well, this Masterclass is for you.

Save your company millions and clear your staff of untrustworthy employees by learning to spot deception a mile away.

Are you doing it all because you have a hard time knowing whom you can trust? Learn to read people accurately: your team, your boss, your contractors.

78% of job seekers lie during the hiring process. Learn to ask the right questions in the right sequence, to elicit the truth in an artful way.

Get to the truth in an artful way with every client: Then teach them your new skills.

Don’t lose another deal because you misread your customer. Know which of your targets is ready to say “yes."

Identify high-risk clients, sniff out bad deals, and learn the same techniques for establishing trust with high net worth individuals that FBI agents and CIA operatives learn.

Spot fraudulent claims far more quickly than ever. It will set you apart, allowing you to deliver ultimate value.

Build your business successfully by knowing when someone is withholding crucial information and when someone is lying to you.

Learn new techniques for understanding unconscious desire, reading complex emotional states, and encouraging difficult clients to open up.

Studies show online daters lie pervasively on their profiles. Find your mate by zeroing in on someone you can truly trust.

Insist on creating a trusting environment at home by learning to ask the questions that spark connection and get to the truth.

“Pamela Meyer is a major league liespotter. Learning from her was like learning from the greats – Gareth Southgate, Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali – and now I’m ready for any punches life will throw at me.”

Ethan Schreyer
Imperial College London

“I binge watched this course. I loved all the celebrity examples.  It’s so empowering to know how to pick real allies – not just people who are using me to get ahead. The skills offered in this course are highly applicable in legal work and I’m looking forward to implementing them on a day to day basis. This course provided hands-on techniques that any person interested in uncovering the truth can utilize.”

Julianna Dzwierzynski
Epstein Becker Green

“Super Insightful and interesting! Pamela Meyer’s course is a treasure trove of useful information that has changed the way I approach relationships and honesty in and out of the workplace.”

Liam Torpy
Himalayan Climate & Science Institute

“Deception Detection Masterclass was the best investment I made in myself in a long time. Pamela Meyer has opened my eyes to a new way of interacting with people – and the outcome is stunning.”

Jessica Ruona
Product Manager, Online Food Delivery Company

The Course

Become a Master Liespotter, with a professional credential you can use in any field.

Course Content

  • 11 Modules
  • 16 entertaining animations
  • 24 case studies featuring famous celebrities, fraudsters and politicians
  • 13 quizzes
  • 45 videos total
  • 1 102 page workbook with the entire course outlined -no need to take notes

Course Structure

  • 100% online
  • Certificate granted with successful completion
  • Self paced
  • 20 hours of advanced training
  • Access to Pamela’s private online groups
  • Access to Pamela’s fast growing online community of truth seekers
  • Access to Pamela’s simple online training platform once you enroll


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Module Learning Objectives
Module 1: Introduction
  • Which personality types lie most often and how
  • The many different types of lies
  • How deceit is expressed differently in different settings
Module 2: Science and Psychology of Deception
  • How you cooperate in being lied to – and how to stop
  • Three rules that arm you against the psychology of deception
  • How to identify psychological longing
  • The subtle interplay between “hunger” and bias
Module 3: Liespotting Technique
  • Spy techniques for observing behavior
  • A system for establishing “normal” so you can establish reference points for recognizing shifts in behavior
  • Baselining basics: Establishing “normal” so you can recognize a lie
  • Why one indicator isn’t proof of deception, and how to look for clusters
  • Transforming hunches into evidence
Module 4: Verbal Indicators
  • Eight universal ways liars manipulate word choice to avoid telling the truth
  • How liars parrot, minimize, protest, attack, and detour
  • What you can learn in the first three seconds after questioning a liar
  • Identifying deceptive sentence structure
Module 5: Nonverbal Indicators
  • Seven major human emotions and how to read them on a face
  • Which two emotions are associated with lying, and which one emotion is always a red flag
  • How microexpressions and body language betray liars’ true intentions
  • Facial microexpression training: from eyebrows to lip curls
Module 6: Gotcha vs. Getting to the Truth
  • Cultivating the open, cooperative mindset that breaks down walls and gets people talking
  • Introduction to the PREP method: A systematic interviewing framework for truth-seeking in any conversation or interaction
  • Top mistakes even seasoned interrogators make that result in lie detection failure
Module 7: Preparation
  • How to deep profile your subject
  • What you can learn from mock trials
  • Preparing your mind with two secret weapons
  • How to signal authority and confidence in a first impression
Module 8: Rapport
  • Beyond Jedi mind tricks: Building genuine (not manipulative) rapport
  • Surefire rapport busters that will kill any conversation
  • Advanced rapport building techniques that work with difficult people
  • The surprising new science of rapport
Module 9: Expert Questions
  • Eight types of questions, and the best order in which to ask them
  • How timing influences information elicitation -- when to back off and when to dig in
  • One confrontational word to avoid
  • How to neutralize intense emotional response to tough questions
Module 10: Persuasion
  • Tried and true techniques to address resistance to telling the truth
  • The art and science of creating irresistible pressure to speak
  • Seasoned interrogators’ top “psychological bridges” that can carry someone over their reluctance to divulge
  • A three part framework for persuading difficult subjects to cooperate and talk
Module 11: Conclusion
  • Pulling all these skills together
  • Finding freedom from the fear of being deceived
  • How to start building a life in which truth and honesty are supreme values
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